Online reputation management

Social media sites, blogs, forums and other online platforms provide a therapeutic arena in which disgruntled clients often vent their frustrations. The digital revolution has created a sense of anonymity which means, these days, people are less likely to call for the manager in store and more likely to post their criticism on the web – to an infinitely wider audience.

By being attentive and tracking any and all mentions of your brand online you can turn hard knocks into victories – it’s simple. If you respond quickly and with genuine care you’ll dispell the negativity surrounding your name and more often than not, impress clients to the point of a complete turn around. Mistakes happen – what people remember most is how you deal with them.

ORM in-house management
This service is ideal for companies with trained in-house staff dedicated to brand reputation. We’ll train you to use our ORM tool and provide ongoing support to enable you to manage your online reputation, in-house. This option gives you full access to the tool so you can automatically monitor all mentions of your brand online as well as easily reply to all – ensuring no complaint of query is left unchecked.

R.O.I. managed ORM strategy and solution
Using full progress reporting and our years of experience as one of the top digital agencies in the country, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your brand is ideally managed by tailor designing an ORM strategy and implementing it on your behalf. We’ll monitor all your brand mentions and identify and respond to comments using best ORM practice methods. In addition, we’ll also provide indepth reporting on a monthly basis so you know exactly what kind of impact you are having, and how you can improve even more.

Monthly Reporting
Our reporting schedule depends on the nature of your business as well as relevant brand action. For example, we’ll compile a report on the day you launch a new campaign or make an announcement – or simply log them on a monthly basis. We include statistics, brand reach, mentions, influence, screen shots, links (when relevant) and overall brand sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) to give you a comprehensive view of exactly where you stand online, and of your clients’ general perceptions.

Our ORM process

ORM monitoring
We track brand mentions across all social media platforms and grade interactions as positive, negative or neutral before categorising them into different priority levels.

ORM Management
Our trained specialists know how to interact with consumers to service and rectify negative messaging where possible, while providing feedback and maintaining quality control.

Positive Brand Presence
The ultimate goal is to position the brand in an assuring and confident light by rolling out campaigns and strategies that encourage positive perceptions.

Communications Process and Strategy
Praise from satisfied customers is recognised and positive messages are encouraged. We’ll retweet, favourite, like and share great messages and valued input from your fans.

Response Flow Charts
Brand messaging moves fast in the digital space so it’s imperative to put response flow charts in place to guide messages to the correct destination. It’s vital to provide solutions where possible.

Tone of Voice
Establish and implement the correct tone of voice and brand representation at all times. This means understanding the target audience and being ‘socially acceptable’ at all times.

Best Practice
Have a guideline in place on how to interact with fans and followers. Be consistent with brand messaging and prioritise the audience.