internet marketing

In our solution for Realtors, SEO-friendliness is already built-in. That means you’re already ahead of the game in making sure your website is visible in the natural search, even without investing your time and money into dedicated search engine optimization for your site.

But if you work in a competitive market, you know that effective SEO for your real estate site is something that takes a serious, ongoing investment of time or money. And even if you have lots of time, there is so much mis-information out there to lead your efforts in the wrong direction. Don’t waste your time or money by trying this stuff yourself — if you do it wrong, you are also missing out on all the traffic and leads you would have got if it were done right the first time — by an experienced, specialized firm.

Real Estate SEO is about Authority

Search engines want to list true authorities at the top of their search results pages, so we’ve developed proprietary techniques to ensure you’re recognized as an authority in your marketplace. We approach every angle, including but not limited to: advanced programming, reputation management, directory submission, blogging, press releases, article submissions, unique and compelling content, and other activities in keeping with the status of a known authority.

We have a large team of SEO experts for Realtors, all of them brought up in the online real estate industry. They’re a tight bunch who share an office space, and they meet every week to discuss their campaigns and to share ideas.

And because our house also includes programming and design departments, our SEO’s are not limited in what they can prescribe for your site — they simply need to ask their neighbour.